How to Call Blocked Number in India (Android & Iphone)

Calling a blocked number typically means that the person who owns the blocked number has intentionally prevented their calls from being received. While there is no guaranteed way to call a blocked number and bypass the block, you can try a few methods that might work in some cases. It’s important to note that attempting to contact someone who has blocked you may be considered invasive or disrespectful, so make sure you have a legitimate reason and respect their boundaries. Here are 10 tips to consider if you need to call someone who has blocked your phone number:

how to call blocked number in India

10 Tips to Call Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number

1. Use a different phone

Try using a different phone to make the call. This can include borrowing a friend’s phone, using a public phone, or using a work phone if permitted.

2. Hide your caller ID

Use the caller ID blocking feature on your phone to prevent your number from being displayed. You can typically do this by entering a specific code before dialing the number.

3. Call from a landline

If you have access to a landline phone, try calling from that instead of a mobile phone. Blocked numbers might not be recognized on landlines.

4. Call during off-peak hours

Choose a time when the person you’re calling is less likely to be busy or distracted. They may be more inclined to answer unknown numbers during quieter periods.

5. Leave a voicemail or send a text message

If calling directly doesn’t work, consider leaving a voicemail or sending a text message to explain your situation. Be respectful and concise in your message.

6. Reach out through a different platform

If possible, try contacting the person through an alternative method, such as email, social media, or a messaging app. Explain your situation and request a conversation if appropriate.

7. Ask for help from a mutual contact

If you have a trusted mutual contact who is in touch with the person who blocked you, ask them to mediate or pass along a message on your behalf.

8. Unblock your number temporarily

Some phone carriers allow you to unblock your number for a single call by dialing a specific code before the recipient’s number. Check with your carrier to see if this option is available.

9. Seek resolution through a mediator

If the situation is sensitive or requires intervention, consider involving a mediator such as a friend, family member, or professional mediator to facilitate communication.

10. Respect their decision

Ultimately, if someone has blocked your phone number, it’s important to respect their boundaries. If your attempts to contact them are not successful, it may be necessary to accept that they do not wish to communicate with you at this time.

How to Call Blocked Number in Whatsapp?

If someone has blocked your number on WhatsApp, it means they have specifically chosen not to receive messages or calls from you. WhatsApp does not provide a direct method to call a blocked number. However, here are a few suggestions that you can try:

  • Use a different WhatsApp account: Create a new WhatsApp account with a different phone number. This will allow you to send messages or make calls to the person who blocked your original number.
  • Use a different device: If you have access to another device that supports WhatsApp, such as a tablet or secondary phone, you can install WhatsApp and use it to contact the person who blocked you.
  • Ask a mutual contact for assistance: If you have a mutual contact who is not blocked by the person you want to reach, you can ask them to relay a message or initiate contact on your behalf.
  • Communicate through a group: If you both are members of a common WhatsApp group, you can send a message or make a call within the group. However, keep in mind that others in the group will also be able to see the communication.

How to call blocked number iphone?

If someone has blocked your number on their iPhone, you will typically be prevented from making direct calls to them. However, there are a few options you can try:

  • Hide your caller ID: Go to your iPhone’s Settings, select “Phone,” then “Show My Caller ID.” Toggle off the option to show your caller ID. By hiding your caller ID, the blocked person may not recognize that it’s your number calling and may answer the call.
  • Call from a different phone: Use a different phone, such as a landline or another mobile device, to call the blocked number. Since it’s a different phone, the recipient might answer the call.
  • Use a third-party calling app: Install a third-party calling app from the App Store, such as Google Voice or Skype. These apps provide alternative phone numbers that you can use to call the blocked number. However, keep in mind that the person may still choose not to answer calls from unknown numbers.
  • Contact the service provider: If you believe the block was placed mistakenly or you have a valid reason to contact the person, you can contact your phone service provider and explain the situation. They may be able to provide guidance or assist you in resolving the issue.


Calling a blocked number can be challenging and is generally discouraged. It is important to respect the boundaries and decisions of others who have chosen to block your calls. While there are some methods you can try, such as using a different phone or hiding your caller ID, they may not always be effective or appropriate.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel the need to contact someone who has blocked your number, consider alternative means of communication, such as sending a message through a different platform or involving a mediator if necessary. However, it’s crucial to approach the situation with respect and empathy, and to understand and accept that the person has chosen to block your number for their own reasons.

Ultimately, it’s essential to prioritize and respect the privacy and boundaries of others, even if it means accepting that direct communication is not possible at this time.


1: Can I call a blocked number?

Generally, if someone has blocked your number, you won’t be able to directly call them. However, there are some methods you can try, such as using a different phone, hiding your caller ID, or contacting the service provider for assistance.

2: How can I hide my caller ID when calling a blocked number?

To hide your caller ID on an iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID, and toggle it off. On an Android device, open the Phone app, go to Settings > Calling Accounts > SIM card settings > Additional settings > Caller ID, and select “Hide number” or “Private.”

3: Is it possible to call a blocked number through WhatsApp?

No, if someone has blocked your number on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to call them directly through the app. WhatsApp respects the blocking feature, and there is no built-in method to bypass it.

4: What can I do if I need to contact someone who has blocked my number?

If you need to contact someone who has blocked your number, consider alternative methods of communication, such as sending a message through a different platform or involving a mediator if necessary. Respect the person’s decision to block your number and consider their boundaries.

5: Are there any legal implications to trying to call a blocked number?

While attempting to call a blocked number may not have legal implications in itself, it’s essential to be mindful of potential legal concerns such as harassment or invasion of privacy. Always respect the decisions and boundaries set by others and ensure your actions comply with relevant laws and regulations.

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