Top 10 Best Numerologist in Delhi NCR, Near me

Famous Greek Philosopher Plato had said, “Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself.” These word couldn’t be any more truer. Numbers play a huge role in our life whether we accept it or not. Our favorite number, birth number etc. can tell everything about us and our future. Numerology is a study of numbers. It is believed that every number has it’s own meaning and has it’s unique impact and influences on the lives of the human beings and the universe. However, the impact of these numbers neither can be seen nor can be felt by us. But the theory of numerology says that each number provides a message and that message can be used to have a glimpse of the future. Here are some of the List of top 10 best numerologist in Delhi NCR.

Best Numerologist in Delhi ncr

List of Top 10 Best Numerologist in Delhi NCR (Updated List) Near me

  • 1. Divya Malholtra
  • 2. Dr. Sanjay Sethi
  • 3. Sachinn Sharma
  • 4. Aditti Ahluwalia
  • 5. Rajat Nayar
  • 6. Dr. PR Sundhar Raja
  • 7. Dr. J C Chaudhry
  • 8. Aditya Shastri
  • 9. Varda Narayan
  • 10. Abha Jain

1. Divya Malholtra

Divya Malhotra has helped hordes of people find a way out of their issues, however big or small. A Numerologist and visiting card consultant from Numerology, her clients swear by her precise solutions and ever approachable and patient self. Divya has helped many individuals and companies overcome financial uncertainies by making minor changes in name. “Drop your tension, I will cater to your problems”, says she.

2. Dr. Sanjay Sethi

Dr Sanjay Sethi (Gold Medalist) is a renowned Numerologist, Gemologist, Rudraksh Consultant, Aura Reader & a Scientific Vastu Expert practicing since last 30 yrs. He has a clientele from all walks of life and from almost every corner of the world whether from U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia & many countries in Middle East & Africa. His clients include Industrialists, Film stars, Politicians, Cricketers and even people who practice astrology and deal in Gemstones &Rudraksh. He makes accurate Numerological characteristic report & predictions for specific questions regarding your health, wealth, relationship, business, finance, job, education various ailments, foreign travel etc.

3. Sachinn Sharma

A numerologist, a Karmic guide, a healer – Sachinn Sharma has been the proverbial ‘wind beneath the wings’ for many a transformed soul. He is a self-taught numerologist with over 3 decades of research, also trained in mantras and its effects, advanced course certified in angel power and angel invocation, knowledgeable in crystals, gems and a trained Vastu/ energy balance specialist. Today, luminaries from varied professional spaces, corporate chiefs, family owned businesses, small and medium enterprises, women emerging from adverse situations et al regard him as the force that led them through transformation, guided through their numbers to better understand and follow the path of their destined blueprint, the purpose of their life, the past life’s karmic debts and how to clear them, the psychological makeup and achieving breakthroughs in the blockages, designing one’s individual name blueprint to be a catalyst in achieving measured success in health, finances and relationship and understand the path to one’s inner peace for one’s soul development.

4. Aditti Ahluwalia

An accurate, dependable and very approachable numerology and astrology service provider, is how Aditti’s clients describe her. She uses tools like numerology, astrology etc to understand ones chart and guide further. Aditti provides consultation on the phone as well as in person, and helps with ‘easy to follow’ remedial advice, such as minor changes in how one spells ones name, and corrections of other numbers around oneself. Numerology is just an extension of her expertise, as Aditti is a very experienced and sought after astrologer too, and has, infact, been practising astrology since 1993. She also has a FB group by the name, ‘Kismet By Aditti’.

5. Rajat Nayar

He is a world famous celebrity astrologer and a numerologist. He has combined both astrology as well as numerology in name number balancing method and that is why his readings are extremely accurate and result oriented. His clients include film stars, directors, politicians etc.

6. Dr. PR Sundhar Raja

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja, an eminent Astrologer & Numerologist from India, Chennai, is one among the famous Astrologers in India and will help you to achieve great success by using Astrology as a base and providing practical solution through Numerology. He combines Astrology and Numerology- known as Astro-numerology -this was a hidden seceret from Vedic times and Dr. Raja has effectively brought this science for the welfare of the people to achieve great success

Being an expert in Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry, Gem Therapy and Graphology,, he has assisted many business leaders and career professionals, to be rich, healthy and successful for over two decades. He has widely traveled to USA, UK, Indonesia, Singapore, Africa and Middle East etc., and almost all the important newspapers / publications have covered his work extensively. He stands for the possibility of creating wealth, to enhance the quality of society and he does this through Astrology and Numerology.

7. Dr. J C Chaudhry

Dr. J C Chaudhry has more than three decades of practical experience in Numerology. He has helped thousands of people through name correction numerology. His forte includes numerology for business, job/career, relationship, marriage, family, children, and newborn numerology. Dr. J C Chaudhry also shares remedies for an improved lifestyle.

After the successful launch of the Indian Institute of Numerology (IIN) and the International Numerology Forum (INF), Dr. J C Chaudhry has achieved another milestone in the field Numerology. He has been honoured with the first-ever Guinness World Record for the most viewers on his YouTube LIVE Session on Numerology on 1st January 2022.

8. Aditya Shastri

Aditya Shastri is renowned as Famous Astrologer In Delhi offer satisfactory astrological services to all types of problems related to Vedic Astrology and Vastu. Aditya Shastri is one of the top most famous astrologer, Vastu Consultant, numerologist, tantra specialist in Delhi, NCR, India. He is very professional and having In-depth knowledge in the field of Astrological, Vastu Services. His Suggestions are straight and simple, so that any one can follow very easily and affordably. He helped lot of people in get rid of the problems in their lives.

9. Varda Narayan

Numerology is commonly bethe study of numbers. It is a mere fact that numbers play a major role in every mode of life. They can also have impacts on certain situations and predictions of the future too. Numbers are also used for our benefits through the most renowned technique called numerology. Numerology is best known as the ancient science which draws together numbers, letters, and astrology. Its development was thus influenced by the development of these three.

10. Abha Jain

Astrologer Abha Jain (Founder of Vidushi Vastu & Astrologer) is a famous Astrologer,Palmist, Numerologist, Gemologist and Vastu Consultant from New Delhi. Since her childhood, astrology & vastu remained her passion and she has been doing research in this field for more than fifteen years. She believes, astrology is a science and she mastered this knowledge through her practice. She is based in Mayur Vihar Extension, New Delhi and providing her services from here.

She aims to heal problems of mankind through her knowledge of astrology and she has been appreciated widely by her clients for her accurate predictions and astrological solutions.

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