How to Use Zibu Symbol for Money and it’s Benefits?

In a world driven by material desires and financial stability, the quest for wealth and prosperity remains a constant pursuit for many. Throughout history, various cultures have sought methods to attract financial abundance, and one such intriguing approach involves the use of Zibu symbols. Derived from the creative mind of Debbie Zylstra Almstedt, Zibu symbols are a unique system of symbols believed to hold profound spiritual and metaphysical significance. While Zibu symbols are primarily associated with healing and personal growth, they can also be harnessed for attracting wealth and prosperity. In this article, we will delve into the world of Zibu symbols and explore how they can be effectively used for manifesting financial success.

How to Use Zibu Symbol for Money


Understanding Zibu Symbols

Zibu symbols are a set of angelic-inspired symbols created by Debbie Zylstra Almstedt, who claims to have received them during a period of deep meditation and spiritual connection. These symbols are said to embody the energy of divine beings and carry powerful vibrations that can influence various aspects of our lives, including financial abundance. Each symbol represents a unique concept or intention and can be used to convey messages to the universe.

To begin using Zibu symbols for attracting money and financial prosperity, it’s essential to understand the meanings and energies associated with some of the key symbols in this system.

  1. Prosperity Symbol (Zibu Angelic Symbol for Prosperity): This symbol, resembling a stylized capital “P” with additional lines and curves, is often used to attract wealth and financial success. When activated with intention, it is believed to align one’s energy with the frequency of prosperity and abundance.
  2. Financial Freedom Symbol (Zibu Angelic Symbol for Financial Freedom): This symbol, represented as an intricate design with multiple loops and lines, is used to manifest freedom from financial burdens and limitations. It can help individuals break free from financial constraints and create a life of financial abundance.
  3. Abundance Symbol (Zibu Angelic Symbol for Abundance): This symbol, resembling an inverted “Y” with added elements, is associated with the concept of abundance in all areas of life, including wealth. It can be used to attract prosperity and a bountiful flow of resources.

Using Zibu Symbols for Money

Now that we have a basic understanding of some key Zibu symbol for money and abundance, let’s explore how to effectively use them to manifest financial success.

  1. Set Clear Intentions: The first step in using Zibu symbols for money is to set clear and specific intentions. Clearly define your financial goals, whether it’s increasing your income, paying off debt, or accumulating savings. The more precise your intentions, the better the symbols can work to manifest your desires.
  2. Choose the Right Symbol: Depending on your financial goals, select the appropriate Zibu symbol to work with. If you seek overall financial prosperity, the Prosperity Symbol or Abundance Symbol may be suitable. If you wish to overcome financial constraints, the Financial Freedom Symbol can be more appropriate.
  3. Create a Visualization: Visualize your financial goals and imagine yourself already in possession of the wealth and abundance you desire. See yourself living the life you dream of, and feel the emotions associated with this visualization.
  4. Draw and Meditate: Once you have your intention and visualization in mind, draw the chosen Zibu symbol on a piece of paper or in a journal. As you draw the symbol, focus on your intentions and the feelings of abundance and prosperity. This act is a form of meditation that helps you attune your energy to the symbol’s vibrations.
  5. Repeat Affirmations: While meditating on the symbol, repeat positive affirmations related to money and abundance. Affirmations like “I am abundant” or “Money flows to me effortlessly” can be effective in reinforcing your intentions.
  6. Create a Vision Board: Consider creating a vision board that incorporates the Zibu symbol and images representing your financial goals. This visual representation can serve as a constant reminder of your intentions and can help keep your focus on manifesting wealth.
  7. Carry the Symbol: You can carry a physical representation of the Zibu symbol with you, such as a pendant, charm, or printed image. This keeps the symbol’s energy close to you and serves as a constant reminder of your intentions.
  8. Trust the Process: Patience and faith are essential when using Zibu symbols for money. Trust that the universe is working to manifest your intentions, and remain open to opportunities and ideas that come your way.
  9. Take Inspired Action: While Zibu symbols can help align your energy with abundance, it’s important to take inspired action toward your financial goals. Act on opportunities, make wise financial decisions, and be proactive in your pursuit of wealth.


Using Zibu symbols for money can be a powerful and spiritually enriching practice. By understanding the meanings of these symbols, setting clear intentions, and incorporating them into your daily life through meditation, visualization, and affirmations, you can align your energy with the frequency of prosperity and abundance. Remember that manifesting financial success is not an overnight process; it requires patience, faith, and persistent effort. As you work with Zibu symbols and take inspired action toward your financial goals, you may find that the universe responds with greater financial opportunities and blessings in your life.

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