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Numerology, the ancient and mystical study of numbers, has gained immense popularity in recent times for its profound insights into one’s personality, relationships, and life path. Mumbai, a city known for its vibrant energy and diverse population, has witnessed a surge in interest in numerology. With the convenience of online learning, enthusiasts can now explore the secrets of numbers from the comfort of their homes. In this article, we delve into the top 10 best online numerology classes in Mumbai, offering a comprehensive guide for those seeking to unravel the mysteries of numerology.

Numerology Classes in Mumbai

What is Numerology Course?

Numerology is a captivating and ancient metaphysical discipline that explores the mystical significance of numbers and their influence on various aspects of life. A Numerology Course is an educational program designed to unravel the secrets behind numbers, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of this esoteric science. These courses typically cover a range of topics, including the symbolic meanings of individual numbers, the calculation of life path and destiny numbers, and the interpretation of numerical patterns.

Participants in a Numerology Course delve into the philosophical and metaphysical aspects of numbers, learning how to apply this knowledge to gain insights into personality traits, relationships, and life paths. The curriculum often includes hands-on exercises, case studies, and practical applications to empower students with the skills to analyze and interpret numerical influences.

Whether offered in traditional classroom settings or through online platforms, Numerology Courses cater to individuals of all backgrounds, from beginners seeking an introduction to the fundamentals to advanced practitioners looking to deepen their expertise. These courses serve as portals to a realm where numbers become keys to unlocking the mysteries of self-discovery and guiding one’s journey through life.

List of Top 10 Online Numerology Classes in Mumbai | India Numerology Courses

1. Institute of Vedic Astrology (IVA):

Institute of Vedic Astrology

The Institute of Vedic Astrology stands out as a reputable institution providing comprehensive courses on various occult sciences, including numerology. Their online numerology classes in Mumbai cover a wide range of topics, from basic number symbolism to advanced numerological calculations. With experienced instructors and a well-structured curriculum, IVA ensures that students gain a deep understanding of numerology principles.

2. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan:

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a renowned educational institution, offers online numerology classes that blend tradition with modern teaching methods. The courses are designed to provide a solid foundation in numerology, incorporating both theoretical knowledge and practical applications. With a faculty consisting of seasoned numerologists, students at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan can expect to receive quality education in this mystical science.

3. The Astrology School:

the astrology school

The Astrology School in Mumbai extends its expertise to numerology, offering comprehensive online classes for enthusiasts at all levels. From introductory courses for beginners to advanced numerology workshops, the school caters to a diverse audience. The faculty comprises experienced numerologists who guide students through the intricacies of numerology, enabling them to apply their knowledge effectively.

4. Institute of Palmistry:

While primarily focused on palmistry, the Institute of Palmistry in Mumbai recognizes the interconnectedness of various occult sciences, including numerology. Their online numerology classes provide a unique perspective, integrating palmistry and numerology to offer a holistic understanding of one’s life path. This interdisciplinary approach sets the Institute of Palmistry apart, making it an intriguing option for those interested in exploring different facets of divination.

5. Vedic Astrology Foundation:

Vedic Astrology Foundation

Vedic Astrology Foundation, known for its expertise in Vedic sciences, offers online numerology classes that draw from ancient Indian wisdom. The courses cover traditional numerology methods rooted in Vedic principles, providing students with a culturally rich and profound learning experience. With a focus on practical applications, the foundation equips students to use numerology in their daily lives.

6. Astrology College:

Astrology College in Mumbai provides online numerology classes that cater to both beginners and advanced learners. The courses cover diverse aspects of numerology, from the significance of individual numbers to the calculation of life path numbers. The college emphasizes the practical application of numerology, ensuring that students can integrate their knowledge into various aspects of life, including career and relationships.

7. Institute of Astrology and Occult Science (IAOS):

The Institute of Astrology and Occult Science offers online numerology classes in Mumbai that delve into the esoteric aspects of numbers. With a focus on decoding the hidden meanings behind numerical patterns, IAOS provides a unique perspective on numerology. The classes include practical exercises and case studies, allowing students to develop their analytical and interpretive skills in numerology.

8. Indian School of Occult Sciences:

Indian School of Occult Sciences

The Indian School of Occult Sciences stands as a prominent institution offering online numerology classes that emphasize the spiritual dimensions of numbers. The courses explore the connection between numerology and spirituality, guiding students on a journey of self-discovery. With experienced instructors, the school ensures that students not only grasp the theoretical aspects of numerology but also integrate its spiritual essence into their lives.

9. Astrology and Vastu Science Academy (AVSA):

As the name suggests, Astrology and Vastu Science Academy provides online numerology classes alongside astrology and Vastu courses. This holistic approach enables students to understand the interconnectedness of these ancient sciences. AVSA’s numerology classes cover a wide range of topics, from basic numerological concepts to advanced predictive techniques, making it a comprehensive choice for those seeking a well-rounded education in occult sciences.

10. Future Point:

Future Point

Future Point, a leading name in the field of astrology and metaphysics, offers online numerology classes that reflect the institution’s commitment to quality education. The courses cover numerology from both Western and Vedic perspectives, providing students with a global understanding of this ancient science. Future Point’s online platform ensures accessibility for learners from Mumbai and beyond, making it a convenient choice for those keen on exploring the secrets of numbers.

FAQs Related Numerology Course in Mumbai

What is the qualification for numerologist?

There is no formal certification or degree required to become a numerologist, but many practitioners study numerology through books, online resources, and courses offered by experienced numerologists.

Is there a PhD in numerology?

PhD programme in Numerology shall be for a minimum duration of three years, including course work and a maximum of six years.

What is the fees of numerology?

Average fees required for doing a PhD course in numerology ranges from INR 30,000 – 80,000. The duration of this course is 2 years.

How do I start a career in numerology?

Numerology consultants are professionals who use numerology to help people understand their personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. They can help people make important decisions in their lives, including career choices.

How can I study numerology in India?

You can learn professional numerology by completing a Professional Diploma Course in Numerology. This course helps you in understanding of lucky numbers, path numbers, birth numbers, fortunate numbers. The eligibility the learn professionally numerology you must be graduate or 18 years+ of age.

How much money does a numerologist make?

The salaries of Numerologists in The US range from $15,712 to $153,549, and the average is $38,595.


In the bustling city of Mumbai, where diverse cultures and spiritual traditions converge, the interest in numerology continues to grow. The availability of online numerology classes has opened up new avenues for enthusiasts to delve into the mysteries of numbers. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a foundational understanding or an experienced practitioner looking to deepen your knowledge, the top 10 online numerology classes in Mumbai offer a diverse range of options to cater to your learning needs. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment as you explore the fascinating world of numerology through these esteemed institutions.

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