Top 10 Best Numerologist in Nagpur, Near me

Numerology is the science of Numbers which enables guidance on the basis of an individual’s date of birth. The numbers derived by summing up the date is the radical number and the total of Date, Month and Year of birth is the lucky number of the individual. These two numbers play a significant role in his life.

Numerology in India is practiced by using these two significant numbers to guide an individual about his lucky days, lucky or unlucky years in his lifetime and timing other events in his lifetime.

Best Numerologist in Nagpur

Numerology in India is used in combination with Astrology, whereby Astrologers in India also refer to the planets in the horoscopes. The nine planets in the horoscope represent the nine numbers from one to nine. Therefore, Numerology in India is practiced in combination with Astrology in India and is referred to as Astro Numerology. In point of fact, Astrology in India is the parent science and numerology in India, Vastu in India, Color Therapy and other holistic approaches are offshoots of Astrology.

Today we will talk about best numerologist in nagpur and how can they help in your life, so lets start below is the list of top 10 best numerologist in nagpur.

List of Top 10 Best Numerologist in Nagpur, Near me

  • 1. Puunit Dsai
  • 2. Varda Narayan
  • 3. Dr. Mahesh Mankar
  • 4. Aacharya Anil Vats Ji
  • 5. Abhishek Soni
  • 6. Premanand Wahane
  • 7. Sahu Ji
  • 8. Rajat Nayar
  • 9. Dr. Prem Gupta
  • 10. Anil Kumar Jain

1. Puunit Dsai

Ppunit Ddesai

Puunit Dsai is one of the trusted Numerologists in Mumbai who has been felicitated by the Governor of Maharashtra with the Maharashtra Gaurav Award by Governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshiyari ji & He is mostly known for Choosing the right career through our Date of Birth & also using the advanced Numerology method for Name Spelling Correction, services that are affordable vibration of numbers, he places faith in numerical patterns explains things in very simple ways, and gives accurate advice and suggestions to his clients for their upcoming events through Numerology Prediction. One can consult him to select the right career through Date of birth for themselves or their Children as well in a very short period of time has a clientele from Bollywood, Politics, the Corporate world, and professionals across India and US, Canada, Europe, Gulf, and other countries. He is an expert Numerologist and Vaastu Consultant who gives solutions to his client who faces obstacles in their growth.

• Personal Numerology (Career + Personal, Career as per Date of Birth)
• New Born Baby Name As Per Numerology
• Name Analysis
• Spelling Correction
• Marriage Relationship Compatibility
• Career / Job / Education / Abroad Settlement
• Corporate Consultation (Numerology Audit)
• Movie / Serial Name Analysis

WhatsApp Number: 9524567894

2. Varda Narayan

Varda Narayan provides the best numerology services in Nagpur India.
Our best Numerology services are based on the vibratory resonance of numbers. Each and every number that is calculated from your birth date or name has some vibration that reveals particular characteristics and human traits. These numbers can be used reveal important information about your character and destiny, about opportunities that will come along and about challenges you will face during your lifetime.

Varda Narayan combines numerology with certain methods of astrology to determine the status of a relationship whether people in it can withstand every circumstance in the future together or not.

3. Dr. Mahesh Mankar

Dr. Mahesh Mankar is renowned celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist and Vastu Consultant. Being India’s youngest Ph.D. holder in Astrology, he is also a Gold Medalist in Numerology and Vastu Shastra.

His vast experience of 12 years made him a Result-Driven person. In most of his seminars and conferences all over the globe he managed to prove that Astrology is a Science which attracted lots of Scientists form NASA, ISRO, BARC and So on as his clients. His consistency in giving accurate predictions made celebrities, politicians, sports personalities and business tycoons as his followers.

4. Aacharya Anil Vats Ji

Aacharya Anil Vats Ji, the face having all attractions as sun, intellectual mind, attractive words and inner self filled with great spiritual researches. He is fully imparted with great knowledge of Vedas, Puranas and Upnishads. Knowing all these deeply he can solve any mystery with such a simplicity. His experienced words make a impact on mind and every problem seem so simple. Birth place

filled with pilgrimages, ‘Amritsar’ and study place filled with spiritual knowledge ‘Moradabad’ wave your powers and make you gain experiences. From 1980 onwards, capital of India, Delhi became your work place. You are son of a women, who feed you with her milk. She is a women full of spirituality and knowledge. You get all the blessings from you beloved mother Smt. Santosh Kumari Ji. Listening bhagwat geeta in poetry form from your mother make understand geeta since childhood.

5. Abhishek Soni

Looking for guidance on your life path or want to find out about your future? Astrologer Abhishek Soni offers online services to clients all over the world, and he is considered one of the top astrologers in India. So if you’re looking for guidance on your life path or want to get a better understanding of your future, you should definitely check out his website. He has a variety of services available, so you can find what’s right for you.

Consult and Meet the best Astrologer in India Abhishek Soni, the Top Indian Technology Astrologer providing online services to clients.

6. Premanand Wahane

Astrologer Premanand Wahane is an Expert Astrologer, Vastu Expert, Numerologist, and a person of diversified interest. From his childhood, he was inclined towards spirituality and occult science and a firm believer in the power of Vastu Shastra,Rudraksha & Astrology. He had 35+ years of experience in Astrology and working with many national and international Clients.

His style of understanding the planetary position & their impact in human’s life is purely scientific which attracts the present generation. As it connects with their ‘logical’ thinking. Today not only from India but people from far flung places like USA, Singapore, Canada and Australia comes to him to get solutions for problems related to their business and family relations.

7. Sahu Ji

Astrologer Sahu Ji is one of the most famous best astrologer in Nagpur city. He is a specialist in Horoscope Reading, Vastu, numerologist, Vedic Astrology, love problem, marriage problem solutions, divorce problem, get back love and bed debts exclusion expert in your Nagpur city. I have been honored in 2019 for the best astrologer and Vastu consultant in Madhya Pradesh award by honorable Actor Mr. Jackie Shroff. Here India’s top businessmen and entrepreneurs were invited by the research association, This event had been held by Xel research company which is the partner of ZEE BUSINESS CHANNEL at Radisson Blu (Delhi).

8. Rajat Nayar

Rajat Nayar is an Indian astrologer, numerologist, and Vaastu expert. He has gained popularity for his accurate predictions and has a large clientele in India and abroad. He has also written several books on astrology and has appeared on various television channels and radio shows to discuss astrology and related topics.

Nayar is known for his scientific approach to astrology and believes in using it as a tool for personal growth and self-improvement. He has also developed his own unique system of numerology, which he calls “Numerology Science.”

Aside from his work as an astrologer and numerologist, Nayar is also a motivational speaker and life coach. He has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on topics such as goal-setting, time management, and positive thinking.

9. Dr. Prem Gupta

At a tender age, curiosity led to enquiry and enquiry led to research about the science of astrology. This foundation led to a thorough understanding of this discipline that most consider supernormal or even magical.

The knowledge gradually paved the way for a professional service formalized through extensive research, years of experience and even international qualifications and certifications.

Dr. Prem Gupta’s aim was, and has always been, to offer professional astrology and Vastu services to individuals across age groups, social class, gender, geography, and community.

10. Anil Kumar Jain

His knowledge on the subjects of Astrology gave him the upper hand when it came to being a celebrity Astrologer. He has been interviewed by major news channels and important personnel. Being interviewed by British Television in November, followed by Doordarshan, NDTV, Star News and Jain Tv. Anil Kumar Jain is a famous astrologer in India with the status of a celebrity due to his uncanny predictions and impeccable style of delivering them. He has a way with words that go straight to the heart and makes the person rejoice with glee about how he can live a problem-free life.

He’s a famous writer with published articles in different leading newspapers and magazines. A published and celebrated author, Anil Kumar has over 30 years of experience in Astrology and its related fields. His famous talk shows have aired on AIR and TV Asia in the USA.

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