Top 5 Best Astrologer in Guwahati, Assam( Genuine & Trusted List 2024)

In the bustling city of Guwahati, where tradition and modernity coexist seamlessly, there is a deep-rooted fascination with astrology. People from all walks of life turn to the celestial heavens to seek guidance and insight into their lives. As the demand for astrological services continues to grow, a plethora of astrologers have emerged, each claiming to possess unique skills and insights. In this article, we will delve into the mystical realm of astrology and uncover the top 5 best astrologer in Guwahati, assam, each renowned for their expertise and contributions to the field.

best astrologer in guwahati

List of Top 5 Best Astrologer in Guwahati, Assam( Genuine & Trusted 2024)



Kartick Chakraborty

Celebrity Astrologer Dr.Kartick Chakraborty is one of the Best Famous Astrologer in Guwahati, Assam.
who with his decade of experience as a comprehensive Love Astrologer And Love Vashikaran Kriya Specialist assisted his clients not only from India but Also from the countries like Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai ( UAE), New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, the USA, and the UK ( London ). He is also the founder and Director of Navagraha Jyotish Kendra and has many prestigious awards to his credit that not only make him the Best Love Astrologer in Guwahati Assam. but all across India and abroad.

Dr.Kartick Chakraborty has more than 10 Lakh satisfied clients all over the world (approx. 1Million+ satisfied clients), He has millions of satisfied clients in more than 195 countries of the world.
Celebrity Astrologer Dr.Kartick Chakraborty Has a huge list of clientele which includes Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, Politicians, Ministers, Industrialists, Businessman, Bureaucrats, Barristers, Magistrates, Honourable Judges, Bollywood Celebrities, Film stars, Beauticians, Architects, IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS Officers, CEO, CFO, COO, CIO Of top companies worldwide, etc.
North – East Top Rated Celebrity Astrologer Dr.Kartick Chakraborty


•︎ Love Life Problem Specialist
• Love Vashikaran Problem Specialist
• Husband- Wife Disputes Problem Specialist
• Girlfriend- Boyfriend Problem Specialist
• Ex-Love Return Back Specialist
• Love Marriage Specialist
• Maha Vashikaran Specialist
• Black Magic Sadhana Specialist
• Kamakhya Tantra Vidya Kriya Specialist
• Love Breakup & Parents Approval Specialist
• Kamakhya Tantra & Maha Chamunda Tantra Kriya Expert

#2. Aditya Shastri


Aditya Shastri is one of the popular and knowledgeable astrologers in Maligaon, Guwahati. His expertise in various types of astrological problems includes vastu shastra, love-relation-marriage problems, health problems, career problems and many more. Aditya Shastri’s behaviour, experience, methods & guidance makes him a priority for most people in and around Guwahati. Fees and other charges are competitive.


• Vedic Astrology,
• Vastu Shastra,
• Tantra Shastra,
• Palmistry,
• Numerology,
• Gemstone Astrologer



Astrologer Occult Mentor Acharya Sailyajit is widely recognized for his knowledge and mastery of ancient Jyotish and Vastu Shastra practices. These ancient Indian sciences have valuable insights into various aspects of life, from health and wealth to relationships and careers. With his deep understanding of Jyotish and Vastu Shastra, Astrologer Occult Mentor Acharya Sailyajit can guide you toward practical and effective solutions to your problems. He combines Vedic truths with Vastu and astrology, offering a holistic perspective that covers all facets and dimensions of life. He has helped many individuals recognize their potential and overcome various obstacles and constantly served the people for years. Such in-depth astrological calculation and expertise have led him to have clients across the world.


• Horoscope Analysis
• Palmistry Analysis
• Tarot Card Reading
• Kamakhya Tantra
• Vedic Puja & Havan
• Kamakhya Puja
• Numerology Analysis
• Vaastu Services
• Kaal Sarp Puja



Jain Jyotish is one of the renowned astrologers in Guwahati. His field of expertise includes various types of astrological problems like Vastu shastra, love & relationship problems, health problems, career troubles and many more. Guruji’s charge is affordable and accepts various payment methods. According to customers, he is very knowledgeable and explains things in good ways and his advice and suggestions have been accurate. He considers the past and present scenarios before implementing the future course of action.


• Horoscope Analysis
• Astrology Services
• Family Problem Solutions
• Marriage Problem Solutions
• Job Problem Solutions
• Health Problem Solutions
• Love Problem Solutions
• Divorce Problem Solutions
• Relationship Problem Solution
• Mangal Dosh Puja
• Kal Sarp Dosh Puja
• Kundli Specialist
• Baby related Problem Solutions
• Vedic Puja

#5. Astrologer Rajesh Chakraborty


Astrologer Rajesh Chakraborty is one of the popular and knowledgeable astrologers in Pandu, Guwahati. His expertise in various types of astrological problems includes vastu shastra, love-relation-marriage problems, health problems, career problems and many more. Astrologer Rajesh Chakraborty’s behaviour, experience, methods & guidance makes him a priority for most people in and around Guwahati – Assam. Fees and other charges are competitive.


• Complete Predictions
• Marriage & Compatibility
• Health Outlook
• Career Forecast
• Prosperity & Wealth
• Children Matters

How can help you Astrologer in Guwahati?

Astrologers in Guwahati serve as insightful guides, offering a unique blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary perspectives to assist individuals in various facets of their lives. These skilled practitioners harness the celestial energies to provide personalized horoscope readings, unraveling the mysteries of one’s personality and potential life events. Predictive astrology becomes a powerful tool in their hands, enabling them to shed light on future endeavors, be it in career choices, relationships, or health matters.

For those navigating the complexities of professional paths, astrologers offer career guidance, helping individuals align their aspirations with celestial insights. In matters of the heart, astrologers delve into relationship dynamics, offering valuable counsel on compatibility and advising on steps to strengthen bonds or overcome challenges.

Health astrology allows individuals to proactively address well-being concerns by understanding potential health issues and implementing preventive measures. Financial astrologers guide in wealth accumulation, investment decisions, and navigating economic challenges.

Astrologers in Guwahati go beyond predictions; they provide remedies, spiritual guidance, and foster personal development. By tapping into the cosmic currents, these practitioners become compassionate allies, assisting individuals on their journey towards self-discovery and empowerment, making astrology a valuable resource for those seeking clarity and direction in Guwahati.

FAQs Related Best Astrologer in Guwahati, Assam

Who is the No 1 astrologer in Assam?

He holds an ISO 9001: 2015 certification. He is held in high regard by the public for his accurate readings and predictions. Dr. Kartick Chakraborty is regarded as the best online astrologer in India and Guwahati Assam based on his accessibility, knowledge, accuracy, and dependability.

Which astrologer does Amitabh Bachchan consult?

He is a traditional Vedic scholar from South India. He is a very old and famous astrologer among locals. His forefathers worked under Vijayanagara Royal Empire as Asthana Jyothish Pramukh.

How do I find the right astrologer?

Choosing the right astrologer requires considering their credentials, personalized approach, transparent communication, ethical practices, and reviews. Look for astrologers with formal training, who take the time to understand your specific concerns, and communicate complex concepts clearly.


In conclusion, the astrologers of Guwahati emerge as profound interpreters of the cosmic tapestry, weaving insights into the lives of individuals seeking guidance and understanding. With a rich tapestry of services ranging from personalized horoscope readings to predictive astrology, career guidance, relationship counseling, and health insights, these astrologers become beacons of wisdom in navigating life’s intricate pathways.

Astrologers in Guwahati not only forecast future events but also offer tangible solutions through remedial measures, showcasing a holistic approach to well-being. Beyond the realms of material concerns, they delve into spiritual guidance, promoting personal development, and aiding individuals on their journeys of self-discovery.

In a city where tradition and modernity coalesce, these astrologers stand as pillars of support, aligning celestial energies with individual aspirations. Guwahati’s astrologers serve not just as predictors but as mentors, fostering empowerment and enriching the lives of those who seek their cosmic counsel. As seekers find solace in the ancient wisdom of astrology, the astrologers of Guwahati continue to play a vital role in unraveling the mysteries of existence and offering a guiding light through the celestial realms.

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